Easily Enhance Low Resolution Images to High Resolution

Ever had that InDesign layout that was handed to you with low-resolution image assets? I regularly encountered situations like this and it got me frustrated. I started looking for solutions online to somehow magically enhance the image with little effort.

I stumble upon this magical online software that basically does that, its called letsenhance.io. You can remove jpeg artifacts, detect all blocky noise and remove it automatically. It can also Boost resolution 4x times, keep edges and features sharp and crisp with the output they called "MAGIC".

When you signup for a free account, you will 5 images to enhance for free so make it count. But if you need flexibility, they offer bundles of 20 images for $4.99, 50 images for $9.99 and 120 images for $19.99. But if you really need to go all out, they offer 999 hi-res images per month it will cost you $6.99/month or $51.99/year.

Hope this article helps. Let me know in the comments section. 

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