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This is one of my first creations when I got an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I first used Procreate to test out the pencil and building my style. Upon weeks to months of use, I created this rough sketch of this character.

The concept was to create a cute ice cream that's kind of like saying "Chill Bro!". Upon coming up with that concept I tried using Affinity Photo on iPad Pro vectorizing it using the simple pen tool and this is what it came out.

The finished artwork turns out clean and simple, but I needed more human touch to it sort of a freehand feel to it so I decided to give Adobe Draw a try. Glad I did because it kind of awoke my sketch skills.

And this is what looks like applied to t-shirts. 


I wanted to create a kind of like creepy character but has that cuteness resemblance to it. This is kind of the result of that. This was the first art I created freehand using Adobe Draw on iPad Pro

Mastering a craft takes time.

Back when I was a kid I used to draw a lot, mostly kid stuffs like animes. I was also participating in school contest on the poster making categories making surreal art and murals. Then, later on, I studied photorealistic portrait arts. By the time I was 16, I stumble upon Adobe Photoshop 6, then my interest in freehand drawing soon be put to rest. It's just lately that I started drawing again. This inspires me to draw this Old Man on Skate doing the trick of his lifetime.

A one of a kind time drift is when your cruisin with the flow and felt like your the King in that point in time… What better to present that visually is with a relaxed looking duck and throw in a crown just for fun.