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Did you ever open an Illustrator file with so many annoying clipping masks? In my case, I got frustrated on locating the specific layer that I am trying to select but those pesky clipping masks are blocking the way. Luckily, the solution to this was a script file. Today, I am saving the headache for you by sharing you the file on the download button below.

In this quick demo, I downloaded a vector file from that has few clipping masks. To be able to remove clipping masks this using the script, here are 3 easy steps.

STEP 1 - Put the script file on easy access location...... Like desktop maybe...
Once you've downloaded the script file, you can put it on the most accessible location on your drive, regardless if it is in the deepest darkest folder on your drive or if it's out in the open on your desktop. As long as you know where to find it, it's up to you.

STEP 2 - Find the script file
Open the script by doing File > Scripts > Other Scripts then locate your script file on your drive.
STEP 3 - Open the script file
Once you open that script file, it will automatically locate all the clipping masks and remove it all at once.

There you go! Hope this helps you by not painstakingly locating all the clipping masks and removing it one by one. Now you got an all-new unclipped mask illustrator file.

Let me know in the comments below if this helps you in your creative process. Stay in touch for more quick tips.
Affinity Designer on iPad

I've been using my iPad Pro as my mobile workstation because I am that kind of guy that doesn't want to bother carrying a MacBook around.

By the time I got my iPad, my ideal workflow is that if the task can be done on an iPad then that's awesome, but if the task calls for more complex work, I finish it on Mac. So with that workflow in mind, I scouted for alternative iOS apps for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and so far the only full-on professional graphic design app I found at that time was Affinity Photo by Serif.

The good thing about this app is that it is cross-compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator because it opens and exports PSD, EPS, and SVG files so it pretty sure gets the job done for a simple layout and vector illustrations despite it being an app dedicated to mainly photo editing.

That being said it still fell short if you need to complex work. I still find myself looking for apps that can satisfy my needs. Then I found out later that Affinity Designer by Serif, which is a well-known graphic design Mac app that can match Photoshop and Illustrator capabilities was on the works and will soon come to iPad Pro.

I had my eye on this for months and is very hyped about it. Im pretty big on its complete professional vector toolset and precise desktop-grade vector design tools features.

It got me thinking that this matches what I need on my iPad because I mainly do all my t-shirt designs on my store on my iPad. This will definitely change the game for me.

That time of waiting is done, Affinity Designer is available now for iPad Pro. Download it with 30% discount for a limited time only.

Been busy working on a new shop. Check out soon for updates.

This is one of my first creations when I got an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I first used Procreate to test out the pencil and building my style. Upon weeks to months of use, I created this rough sketch of this character.

The concept was to create a cute ice cream that's kind of like saying "Chill Bro!". Upon coming up with that concept I tried using Affinity Photo on iPad Pro vectorizing it using the simple pen tool and this is what it came out.

The finished artwork turns out clean and simple, but I needed more human touch to it sort of a freehand feel to it so I decided to give Adobe Draw a try. Glad I did because it kind of awoke my sketch skills.

And this is what looks like applied to t-shirts. 


I wanted to create a kind of like creepy character but has that cuteness resemblance to it. This is kind of the result of that. This was the first art I created freehand using Adobe Draw on iPad Pro

Mastering a craft takes time.

Back when I was a kid I used to draw a lot, mostly kid stuffs like animes. I was also participating in school contest on the poster making categories making surreal art and murals. Then, later on, I studied photorealistic portrait arts. By the time I was 16, I stumble upon Adobe Photoshop 6, then my interest in freehand drawing soon be put to rest. It's just lately that I started drawing again. This inspires me to draw this Old Man on Skate doing the trick of his lifetime.

A one of a kind time drift is when your cruisin with the flow and felt like your the King in that point in time… What better to present that visually is with a relaxed looking duck and throw in a crown just for fun.